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A family of schools. A community of learning.

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What is ANGEL?

ANGEL is the Learning Management System that houses all of the TUOL (Tempe Union Online Learning) courses.

Where do I go to access my course?

You can access your course by clicking here --> http://tuol.tuhsd.k12.az.us and then entering your ANGEL Username and password (see next question).

What is my ANGEL Username and initial password?

Your ANGEL Username is the same as your Student ID. Your initial password is also the same as your Student ID. Once you log in with your Username and password, you will be prompted to change your password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, e-mail the ANGEL Administrator.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, click the Preferences icon (the wrench in the power strip on the left side of the page Preferences icon). Click the Change Password link. Type your current password in the Current Password field. Type a new password in the New Password field and in the Confirm field.  Click the OK button.

How do I submit and upload assignments?

Click here to complete the TUOL Student Tutorial to learn how to submit and upload assignments, as well as other things (how to navigate through the course, how to participate in online discussions, how to use the calendar, etc.).

How do I check my grades?

Every course provides an internal link to the student's grades. Your teacher will give you instructions for accessing your grades.

What do I do if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical difficulties, notify your teacher via e-mail, immediately. If your teacher is unable to resolve the issue, it will be escalated to the ANGEL Administrator.

What are the minimum system requirements for students' computers?

Students' computers should be configured as follows:

  • Browser Requirements:
    • Internet Explorer 6 or higher / Firefox 2.0 or higher (AOL and Safari are not supported)
  • Browser Configurations:
    • Pop-Up Blocking disabled
    • JavaScript enabled
    • AJAX enabled
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP or Vista
    • Macintosh OS/X
  • RAM at or above OS recommendations
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher
  • Internet connection:
    • High-speed (Cox or Qwest). NOTE: Students can use dialup; however, the connection speed for dialup is slow and files/pages may take a long time to load. The dialup connection may even time out before some files are loaded and the student will have to try again to load the page.
  • Software applications:
    • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    • Either Windows Media Player OR RealPlayer can be used to play video and audio clips (student's choice; however, TUHSD supports only Windows Media Player)

Students are responsible for Internet access. Students are responsible for maintaining their own computers. Issues involving hardware and/or software are the student's responsibility.

What plug-ins do I need and from where can I download them?

You may need to have these installed on your computer: Flash, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player or Real Player, a zip program, Shockwave, Java, and Quicktime. You can download these plug-ins for free:

What does "zipping a file" mean?

Zipping a file creates a compressed version of the file that is considerably smaller in size; then you can upload the file to your course to submit an assignment.

Where do I download a zip program?

Go to http://www.winzip.com.

How do I a zip file?

Open the zip program, drag and drop the file(s) in the window.


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