Medication Guidelines

Compadre and Evans/Compadre are drug-free campuses. For the safety and health of all our students, all medications (including Tylenol and Advil) must be kept in the school's Health Office. Students are NOT permitted to carry medications to and while on campus. Prescription medication that is required for the student to take while on campus is to be kept at a minimum. Students should arrange to take their medication at home, if possible.

Prescription Medication Information
When prescription medication has to be taken during school hours, a parent or guardian must bring the medication in a current and appropriately labeled container. The information on the container must contain the student's name, the type of medication it contains, and the correct dosage. Pharmacies can provide you with an additional container for the school to hold. There must be a written, detailed order from a physician and parent/guardian indicating the name of the drug, what it is for, the dosage, and the times the medication is to be taken.

Parents are encouraged to arrange a conference with the school Nurse to discuss the use of any and all medications while the student is on campus. All medication must be turned in by a parent/guardian to the school Nurse and will be stored in a locked area. Students are NOT to carry any medication with them during school hours.

Any prescription medication given to a student will be recorded in a health record containing all pertinent details. The Nurse and designated Staff may dispense medication to the student.

Over-the-Counter Medication Information
Students requiring over-the-counter medication during school hours must have their parent/guardian deliver it to the Nurse in an original, sealed bottle. The bottle of medication must be accompanied by a signed medical consent form. The form can be acquired from the local Nurse during regular school hours, or by clicking the link below for download.

All medication will be disposed of if not picked up by the last day of school in May.