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Arizona Board of Regents High Honors Tuition Waiver Scholarship

For more information about this scholarship please go to:

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Testing to Exceed

Students who have already met the standard in at least one area of AIMS are encouraged to test to exceed.  There are several excellent reasons for this:

  1. AIMS scores are included on all transcripts.
  2. Exceeding the standard is a requirement for the Regents Scholarship.
  3. Students who exceed in any area will be recognized for doing so on the graduation program.  Also, students who exceed in all 3 areas will receive an additional recognition at graduation.

Students must sign up in order to test to exceed.  Sign-up to test to exceed in the spring will be during the month of January.  If a student doesn't sign up, he/she will not be able to test to exceed.  If a student has already exceeded, he/she may not sign up to test to exceed again.

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AIMS Tutoring

AIMS tutoring is available again this year.  The tutoring will take place on campus before or after regular school hours.  Certified teachers from McClintock will be the tutors.  Tutoring groups are no larger than 5 students.  Tutoring is available for juniors and seniors who have not met the standard in at least one area of AIMS, and freshman and sophomores who did not pass 8th grade AIMS. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

If a student is interested, he/she may sign up in the Registration Office.

Once a student is signed up, he/she will be scheduled to meet with a tutor.

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AIMS Study Guides

Students can get their tutoring guide by following the link:

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AIMS Testing Dates

AIMS testing in Fall 2013 is scheduled as follows:

Writing - October 22 (AIMS Makeup)
Reading - October 23 (AIMS Makeup)
Math - October 24 (AIMS Makeup)


AIMS testing in Spring 2014 is scheduled as follows:

Writing - February 24
Reading - February 25
Math - April 8
Science - April 9

Those testing in the spring are:

  1. Juniors and seniors who have not met the standard in at least one area.
  2. Juniors and seniors who have signed up to test to exceed.
  3. All Sophomores.

Stanford 10 will be administered on April 8 to All freshmen

Students will be notified the week previous to testing where they should report. 

On testing days, the buses will run on the regular schedule.  Supervision will be provided in the gym, cafeteria and library for students who are on campus but are not testing.  Students are advised to check the schedule for each test day.

Students who are not testing do not need to arrive at school before 1st period begins for that day.

Testing Schedules will be posted at a later date.

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