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TUHSD FollettShelf*
Fiction and Nonfiction eBooks

EBSCO High School eBook Collection*
Fiction and Nonfiction eBooks

Gale Virtual Reference Library*
Nonfiction Reference eBooks

Salem Health*
Addictions and Substance Abuse
Psychology and Mental Health

Salem History*
50 States
Encyclopedia of American Immigration
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society
Great Athletes
Great Lives from History: The Incredibly Wealthy

Great Lives from History: Latinos

Salem Literature*
American Dream
Coming of Age
Contemporary Spectulative Fiction
Crisis of Faith
Good and Evil
Hero's Quest
Nature and the Environment
Slave Narrative
Technology and Humanity
The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Mythology and Folklore: Heroes and Heroines
Mythology and Folklore: Love, Sexulaity, and Desire
Mythology and Folklore: World Mythology

Salem Science*
Earth Science: Earth Materials and Resources
Earth Science: Earth's Weather, Water, & Atmosphere
Earth Science: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Encyclopedia of Global Warming
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society
The Solar System



























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