Compadre Academy Guidance Department

The guidance department for Compadre Academy consists of 4 counselors, 2 at each campus, who are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals, both on campus and in life.

Our Counselors
Stephanie Harbour - AM Counselor Compadre Main Campus, 504 Coordinator, Scholarships, Counseling Department Chair.
Tracey Mahon - PM Counselor Compadre Main Campus.
Anne Jauregui - AM Counselor Compadre North Campus, Scholarship Information Contact, 504 Coordinator, Homeless Liaison.
Michelle Kozimor - PM Counselor Compadre North Campus, EVIT Representative, Teen AA Facilitator, College Information Contact, and Military/ASVAB Representative.


Study Tips
Test Taking Tips
Child Protective Services
Community Resources Search Engine
Law for AZ Teens
Occupation Outlook Handbook
Maricopa Community Colleges
College Search
AIMS Resources
Homeless Information

AIMS -- Feb 25th (Writing), Feb 26th (Reading), April 9th (Math for juniors/seniors who have not passed).
May 23rd 2013 - 2011-2012 Compadre Graduation Ceremony
February 17th - Compadre-Evans EVIT registration deadline
Compadre-North College and Career Fair Date is set for March 28th, 2013!