Compadre Academy

Our Vision

If Compadre Academy is to be an exemplary school, it must have a clear sense of the goal that it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to provide, and the contributions that the various stakeholders in the school/community make in order to transform ideals into reality. The following vision is intended to provide the standards that Compadre Schools should strive to achieve and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.

The Three Pillars

As members of our school community, we value relationships, character, and academics.

- Relationships: Will be build amongst students and educators, students and students, educators and parents, and those of the surrounding community. It is important that students feel that members of their school environment care for the students and value each one. All members of the Compadre Academy will be treated with fairness, caring, equality, and respect in efforts to build relationships.

- Character: In our efforts to develop good character, we work with six (6) Pillars of Character. Members of the Compadre family will exhibit positive traits of trustworthiness, respect, caring, fairness, responsibility, and citizenship throughout our school experiences. Furthermore, the Compadre curriculum is focused around the six pillars of Character traits.

- Academics: Academic excellence is the goal for every student. Students will be guided on a regular basis to reach their highest academic potential. Students should expect to receive both high expectations and support to reach such expectations. Students will reach their personal excellence.

In the pursuit of excellence at Compadre Academy, all students are expected to act in a certain manner that reflects well upon themselves, their peers, and their community.

Our Goals

1. All students must be able to write a 5 paragraph essay meeting 5 of the 6 traits of writing.
2. All students will increase their reading ability by two grade levels.
3. All students will earn at least an 80% on the CRA each quarter in mathematics.
4. All students will participate in character enriching program which will result in an increase in positive attendance and behavior at Compadre.

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