Compadre Academy

2015 Graduation Details:

Wednesday, May 20th

Ceremony starts at 7:00PM

Graduates report to Compadre at 6:00 PM

Compadre's Silent Witness Hotline Number


Our Vision

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Compadre Academy.  Home of the Lobos!! It is our mission to develop leaders who will make our community stronger and better. Although our primary focus will be on academic excellence, our main goal is to develop a lasting sense of community for all students. As a non-traditional school, we will guide students toward academic, personal, and post-secondary success by providing opportunities, building relationships, and developing character. As an empowering educational community, our highly motivated and energetic staff will provide your child every opportunity to attain success. Compadre Academy will provide an excellent opportunity for your child to realize his/her potential and to expand his/her knowledge of self-worth and civic pride.

Our focus for the 2014-2015 school year will be on enhancing our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) amongst faculty and staff, refining/reinforcing our school-wide discipline plan, creating rigorous learning targets within our daily instruction, and developing real-time formative assessments. These critical components will continue to enhance our instructional game plan so that we can continue to provide the best educational experience for your child.

Please read the Compadre Academy Student Handbook: 2014-2015 which will address the expectations and standards of our program. This will give you an opportunity to read through it and to provide you time to ask any questions that you may have.

At Compadre Academy, your involvement in your child’s educational experience is crucial in his/her success. The relationship between students, teachers, and administration is a partnership, and I want to invite you to visit our school, meet the staff, and be part of the Compadre family.

The staff of Compadre Academy values the partnership we have with our families
. One of our primary goals is to maintain a safe and orderly environment for learning. The administrative and teaching team wants to repeat our expectations of you and your child:

Attendanceis one of the most significant requirements. We need your daily support ensuring your child’s attendance at school and in ALL of their daily classes.

Conductis a major component in student success. Students are required to interact and maintain appropriate behavior at ALL times.

Communicationis a vital element in a positive and productive school climate. The relationship between students, parents, teachers, and administration is again, a partnership. We want to invite you to visit our school, meet the staff, and attend school functions.

Compadre Academy is now housed on one campus which is located at 500 W Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283. We are extremely excited about bring both campuses (North and Main) together as one. As I’ve said to our staff over the summer, there are many things that we can CELEBRATE!!! The first phase of our construction project became a reality and the first steps were taken to merge both campuses. A family reunited is taking place, and it’s truly an exciting time to be a Lobo. We are so fortunate to be able to educate, motivate, collaborate with and inspire your child in such a state of the art facility. Once the school year begins, please come by and visit our new campus. I know that that you will be pleased!

In closing, in order to provide the best educational opportunity for your child, I’d like to share with you the core values and beliefs that drive our mission/vision at Compadre Academy. They are:

All Compadre students will learn – Our students are capable of high academic achievement. Our educational team will maintain high academic standards for all students.

All Compadre teachers and staff are excited about and committed to teaching our students – Everyone will maintain an environment that will foster high academic standards, positive reinforcement, and a high degree of professionalism for the benefit of our students.

All Compadre teachers and staff share an interest in increasing student academic and behavioral growth – Everyone within our learning community will take ownership of our students’ academic/behavioral activities.

All within the Compadre community will create a safe and orderly learning environment - Students and faculty will be provided with a safe and orderly learning environment. Respect for education will be appreciated by ALL.

All Compadre teachers and staff will collaborate to ensure student success – Our educational team will work together to develop structures that will enhance student achievement and increase their understanding of the larger world around them.

We believe all children are capable of success - No Exceptions! We believe that it takes a team to help all students reach their maximum potential.   We will make every effort to ensure that all students will graduate from high school, become successful members of society and are able to compete in an increasingly complex world in which they will work and live.  The Compadre staff will continue to encourage all students to set high goals for themselves and to reach for their dreams so they can take their rightful place in this world.

The faculty and I, look forward to working with you. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Let us all have a positive and productive school year. Together, we will accomplish great things!! Go Lobos!!

~ Eduardo Flores, Principal